Not a lot has happened since I moved. My job is good, I like it.

Want to move again, it will either be to Tempe area or to Texas. I dont know yet. I've set a list of things I need to do before I can consider moving out of state. If those dont happen, I wont be moving.

Gonna try to travel a little this year. Nebraska, Texas, Mississippi are on my list of places to go.

Those are about the only things on my plate at the moment.
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i've moved, and not to where i thought i would be moving to, instead i'm closer to my grandparents and where i used to live. i'm at 52st and thomas now. still the same phone number too and all that jazz so call if you want to =)

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my mom's boyfriend of 7 years is having surgery today on his neck, they are going in threw the front to work on his vertibrea (and i just woke up so my spelling is shit) if you could toss some prayers his way that would be awesome